Smart Business Staffing

Smart Business (SB) Staffing helps in your day-to-day work, showing you where you need to focus your time and energy. Consultant managers currently spend a lot of their time calling around to find the right consultant for the right assignment. In Smart Business Staffing we have made this process simpler; you can use mass communication and fully automated confirmations to find, book and confirm the right consultant – all it takes is just a few simple clicks.

‘Panic staffing’

If you need to find temporary staff at short notice, we have solutions that make it easy for you to get in touch with people who already know the company and are used to working there. As a client you determine the exact criteria that will be applied. The system will then suggest suitable consultants in descending order depending on how well they match the criteria for a specific assignment. The potential staff can receive these enquiries by SMS and show they are interested in the assignment by texting back the message ‘Yes’.

Strategic staffing

The same principles that apply to panic staffing also apply to long-term planning of staffing solutions: the system allows you to market available shifts quickly and easily. When you have received the replies, you will have a much better overview of the possible staffing solutions, which will help you to optimize both your finances and quality.


The idea behind the pool concept is for the system to show you who has already worked for the client and who have the necessary competence to work for each specific client. It is easy to find familiar staff for the client, and if no one is available, use serch criterias to find people that have needed skills to work for the client. You can therefore be confident that you will quickly find the right person for the client and that the system automatically carries out the maintenance work to keep this information up-to-date.

Collective agreements

One of the major problems in the staffing sector is to stay on top of collective labour agreements. To make this easier there is an option of adding the agreements used in the staffing industry into the system. This will ensure that the rules governing inconvenient working hours, overtime, performance pay, shorter working hours and many other areas are handled automatically in your staffing process. You add the collective labour agreements once and then when you place your order, you only have to specify the collective labour agreement that needs to be used to ensure that the right rules are applied for the assignment. 


Sending invoices on time and thus keeping your revenue flowing is crucial for your company’s success. HourSmart’s effective solution makes timely billing easy. Invoices can be created with a touch of a button from the hours and expenses consultants have reported, and electronic invoices are send to the clients automatically. If needed, invoices can also be send on paper.

HourSmarts provides ready-made price lists and pricing models that can be easily customized to meet your needs. Collective agreements and agreed tariffs are automatically taken into account on pricing, making pricing and billing fast and efficient.


Finding the right people and being able to communicate with them is paramount; but finances also play a central role in the process. HourSmart can help to provide direct financial feedback on staffing solutions, making it easier for users to see if the deal will be beneficial for them. Options are also available for adding fees and costs, such as travel, accommodation, daily allowances and many other kinds of articles.

Time reporting

Quick and simple time reporting opens up many different opportunities and can minimise the amount of administration needed. So it is important to make it as easy as possible for consultants to report their hours. HourSmart contains a user-friendly time reporting module where consultants can add their hours, including expenses, mileage allowances and other types of costs online.

There is also an additional service that makes it easy for consultants to report their hours from their smartphone (Android, iPhone and Windows Phone). They can also use their smartphones to show that they are interested in a shift or to report absence.


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