Automating time-consuming routines

Payroll management consist of several stages and procedures that require time and effort that could be better used at other tasks. HourSmart's payroll management module is a modern solution that saves time and money and reduces errors by automating all the tedious routines in the calculation of pay.

The module centralizes all the needed information and processes to a single place. Thus information does not need to be saved in the system several times over or moved from one place to another. Information from time reporting module is directly used in payroll calculations, reducing administrative burden.

Readymade wage classes and calculation formulas make payroll calculation easy. HourSmart also features electronic payment of wages, automatic withholding of taxes, printing pay slips to employees, creating contracts of employment as well as versatile statistic and reporting facilities. It is a useful companion also when an external payroll service is used.

Adhering to legal requirements

Employer is legally responsible for adhering to certain procedures and bookkeeping regulations set by government authorities. With HourSmart's Payroll module it is easy to get all statutory obligations exactly right in the payroll process. It automatically withholds taxes when wages are paid and creates all the notifications and reports that you need to deliver to the authorities; you can automatically create tax reports, pension reports and wage reports among others to easily fulfill legal reporting requirements.

Holiday pay calculation

Calculating holiday pay can get complicated, as there are several factors affecting the result. HourSmart simplifies this process by automatically taking into account all the regulations and agreements that affect the calculation. Collective agreements, for example, are incorporated to the calculations. Software also adapts to the specific needs of your business, as it is possible to customize HourSmart to apply your business’ local agreements and practices in the calculations.


HourSmart also accounts overtime hours employees have worked and calculates compensations for overtime hours. Overtime is handled according to overtime orders given in advance. Work time regulations and collective labour agreements are taken into account when calculating overtime pay. HourSmart also makes sure that employees do not accidentally work over maximum overtime limits set by the law.

Work shift extra compensations

Evening work compensations, night shift compensations and other extra compensations vary according to collective labour agreements and other conditions. With HourSmart you do not need to know all the minute details of calculation, as all this is taken care of for you automatically.

Annual vacations

Amount of annual vacations employee is entitled to usually depends of a number of factors, for example collective labour agreement and seniority. HourSmart takes all the factors into account when calculating amount of annual vacations and compensations employees get during vacations. If certain holiday season is required by law, HourSmart helps you to arrange vacations so that these requirements are met.

Always up-to-date

The service is constantly updated to reflect changes in legislation and collective labour agreements. As the service is used online, you will always have the most up-to-date version at use. Thus you no longer need to worry about changes in laws or agreements that affect payroll, as HourSmart will monitor the changes for you.

Time tracking with RFID and NFC

Technology can simplify time tracking a great deal. You can use an efficient NFC based time card system with HourSmart to make recording of worked time easy for employees, resulting to more accurate records. No more manually collecting timesheets - that may already be late - from employees on paper or via fax, email or whatever.

Employee punches in simply by bringing his NFC sticker close to reading device, that can be for example NFC enabled smart phone. The reader only shows employee options that are related to him, and it can also clock him in automatically. Similarly when workday ends, employee just shows his tag to the reader. All the collected data is stored at HourSmart’s secure servers, so that information is safe and can be instantly used for reports and payroll calculations.

You can use any NFC enabled devices with HourSmart. NFC reading devices and stickers are readily available at reasonable prices. We also provide equipment for lease.


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